For paintings and fine art/prints: Please photograph the entire front, back and a close up of the signature. Please provide any photographs of damage or condition issues.

For Decorative arts/porcelains/bronzes: Please photograph the front, back and a close up of any markings or signatures. If there are any chips or cracks, please photograph as well.

For furniture: Please photograph the front, sides and back, as well as the joints and drawers. If there are any condition issues, please photograph.

For Asian porcelains: Please photograph the top rim, foot rim and exterior of all porcelains. Please photograph any markings on the base, and note any condition issues.

  • Your information

  • Object Description

  • (Is it a desk, a painting, vase etc...?)
  • (Specify height and width. Do not include the frame if it is artwork.)
  • (For example, is the object made of porcelain, mahogany or silver? Is it an oil painting or a print?)
  • (Image files must be JPEG or PDF format and cannot exceed 2 MB)
  • (Any obvious losses or damages? Have you ever had it restored or repaired?)
  • (What do you know of its history? How did you acquire the object?)
  • (Please include any additional information you have on the object)