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Dallas Auction Gallery’s Fine Art Auction, 10-05-16

Sale total: $5,984,385.17

93 out of 97 lots sold

Top ten lots:

  1. Thomas Hart Benton “Roasting Ears” egg tempera and oil on canvas laid on board, 1938. Signed lower left, “Benton”. Board: 32″H x 39.5″W; Frame: 40.75″H x 48.125″W.  Estimate: $700-900,000.00


  1. David Martin “Portrait of Benjamin Franklin” oil  on linen canvas, 1772. Signed and dated lower right, “D. Martin ’72”. Canvas: 50″H x 40″W; Frame: 59.875″H x 49.875″W. $250-450,000


  1. Charles Bird King “Timpooche Barnard, a Yuchi Warrior” oil on board, 1825. Board: 17.5″H x 13.75″W; Frame: 20.75″H x 17.25″W. $60,000-80,000


  1. Newell Convers Wyeth “Stirling Castle” oil on  canvas mounted on Masonite, 1921. Signed lower left, “NC Wyeth”. Board: 24.875″H x 42.125″W; Frame: 33.375″H x 50.5″W. $100-150,000.00


  1. Maxfield Parrish “Autumn Woods” oil on panel, 1927. Signed and dated lower right, “Copyright 1927, Maxfield Parrish”. Titled and signed on verso, “Autumn Woods / Maxfield Parrish”. Board: 36″H x 22.25″W; Frame: 42.375″H x 29″W. $200-300,000.00


  1. Newell Convers Wyeth “Black Arrow Endpapers” oil  on canvas, c. 1916. Signed upper right, “NC Wyeth”. Canvas: 26.75″H x 40.125″W; Frame: 34.625″H x 48.375″W. $60,000-80,000.00


  1. Pablo Picasso “Assiette tête de femme” unique ceramic, hand painted red terra cotta, 1953. Dated by Picasso on verso, “21.2.53” and stamped, “Madoura Plein Feu”. 9.5″H x 9.645″W.  $20,000-30,000.00


  1. Françoise Gilot “Le Citron et les Poissons (Lemon and Fish)” oil on canvas, 1944. Signed and dated lower left, “F. Gilot. 1944”. Titled and dated on stretcher verso. Canvas: 17.875″H x 22.25″W. $25-35,000.00


  1. Thomas Hart Benton “Louisiana Rice Fields”  watercolor on paper, c. 1928. Sheet: 12″H x 20″W; Frame: 21″H x 29″W. $60,000-80,000.00


  1. Thomas Hart Benton “Oil Well” watercolor, gouache, and pencil on paper, c. 1950. Signed lower right, “Benton”. Sheet: 29.5″H x 19.5″W; Frame: 40.625″H x 30.625″W. $15,000-25,000.00